Legal Terms & Conditions

Please read this agreement carefully before accessing or using the website. By accessing or using the website you agree to bound by the following terms and conditions. If you do not want to be bound by these terms, you may not Access or use the web site, and if you have started such use, then you should stop using the website immediately. Unlimited- Holidays can make changes in this contract at any time and these changes takes effect immediately upon the positng of the modified contract on the web site.

Booking Conditions

The Legal Terms and Conditions written here should be read beforehand by customers who make their Reservations using the reservation system, API links and / or traditional methods. The Legal Terms and Conditions here show our company’s rights and disclosures,as well as Access to our products and reservation process.

Unlimited-Holidays accepts that the application will transmit this via reservation system, API connections or e-mail. Unlimited-Holidays acts as the agent of institutions ( hotels, arlines, car rental companies, transportation agencies, tour companies ) that supply the products that customers have booked. Fort his reason, The Legal Terms and Conditions of each of the institutions that supply products metioned above may affect your reservation and these conditions can be offered to customers if desired. Make sure that you inform the parts of these Legal Terms and Conditions that are relevant to you and your method to Access Unlimited-Holidays reserves the right to these Legal Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Unless otherwise stated, Reservations made in advance are not affected (Ex : Cahnge in taxes..etc). 

In all cases the passengers/ guests making the Reservations and leading the group must have turned 18 at the time of the reservation request. This Passenger who leads the group, is in contact with the companies that supply the above-mentioned products and is obliged to inform the agency of all personal informations of all other guests/passengers in the group. This personal informations are, full and correctly written names and surnames, titles, ages, passport/information and Travel insurance valid to all passengers/guests.

Having a Link on other Websites

It is possible to link the to other web sites from this website. Unlimited-Holidays does not guarrantee or make any commitment to the accuracy of the informations on the linked pages. Some of these pages are organized by organizatons other than Unlimited-Holidays and under the responsibility of those organizations and the use of the relevant pages is carried out under the terns and conditions of the relevant organization, independet of Unlimited-Holidays.

Unlimited-Holidays does not take any responsibility for the use of this page and related services and does not make any recommendations. Any damages arising from the use of these sites are at the user’s own risk.



The prices of the services displayed on the web site ( or by phone; ( Unlimited-Holidays) that will accept these payments on behalf of Suppliers or directly to the Suppleirs.  Payment can be collectted by more than one perty (as shown in the Customer’s bank account or credit card statement), but the total amount charged will not exceed the total price of the services to be provided.

The customer will provide the details of the paymnet card. These details need to be verified by the Supplier or Unlimited-Holidays; the validity of the payment card (fee at par value returned within a few days or deducted from the final payment due to the Supplier) and the presence of sufficient amount for payment on the payment card (on the side of the bank that issued the bank card the Customer will be confirmed.)


Web Site Information and Disclaimer

Maxiumum attention is paid to the accuracy of the information posted on the website of by obtaining from cooperated Suppliers and institutions, can not be held responsible if the services and facilities received requested do not show the specified qualification and avaliability.

The photos of the Hotel and Hotel rooms shown on the website of ar efor general information purposes only, and the photos published on the website may not be in the same category witht he room typke taken. Pensions situations, Hotel concepts, star qualities differ from facility to facility and country to country. For all these services offered, the customer makes a reservation of her own free will and no obcetion can be directed to Unlimited-Holidays for any issue that does not comply with personal taste and preferences fort he service. 

Renovation, maintenance and renovation works are entirely at the initiative of the relevant hotel or villa owner and can be carried out whithout any prior notification. Hotels will show the responsibility to keep any incovenience that may occur in such a situation to a minumum. Regardless of the source and the reason, Unlimited-Holidays can not be held responsible for any malfunctions, accidents losses that may occur in transportation vehicles, sight seeing areas and accommodation facilities, and any damage and additional costs that may arise as a result of these.

In the event of incomplete or incorrect pricing (including pricing errors caused by Suppliers and / or intermediary institutions) that may occur on the website of Unlimited-Holidays due to any malfunction, Unlimited-Holidays reservesthe right to correct the relevant price and total amount paid. 

Airlines, Hotels, tour companies, villas or other product suppliers that provide Travel services are independent contactual parties, and Unlimited-Holidays is not strictly responsible for injuries, death, property damage or material / moral damage that may arise from movement error, negligence, carelessness. 

Unlimited-Holidays is not liable for any problems that may occur during Travel ( any delay, cancellation, over - sales, strike, natura levent) or injury death, property damage or material/moral damage that may arise as a result of these problems.


All rights of website belong the Unlimited-Holidays. All software products and intellectual products such as text, articel, photograph, Picture, document and smilar intellectual property in the content of the Unlimited-Holidays webstie are protected in accordance with the legal legislation regarding Copyrights. Non of these products can be used without the written permission of Unlimited-Holidays. Coppying, reproduction, and unauthorized use and distribution of these products for any purpose are prohibited by law.

2021 – All rights of the images and content information on the website are reserved. All content on this website constantly updated by at indefinite intervals.

Rights and Responsibilities

The content on the website of is constanly checked and updated. However Unlimited-Holidays can not be held responsible for information and price errors in the content of the site, and can make any changes innovations on its pages at any time. website and Unlimited-Holidays can not be held responsible for any reservation, sales or information errors that may arise from these changes.

User Obligaitons

Altough the website of is regularly updated, the facility/tour information , prices, payment terms and campaigns on the website are represestative. Unlimited-Holidays can not be held responsible for incomplete or errors caused by typographic or late updates. For Reservations made, the conditions of each product and product supplier are valid. If the user wishes to make a reservation for any of these products, he/she is deemed to have accepted the terms of the product supplier to whom the reservation belongs. 

Contracting Party, Choice of Law, Resolve Disputes

In case of disputes arising from the contract, Turkey laws and court desicion are valid. In case of dispute Unlimited-Holidays records are taken as basis. 

Sade tatil either compensates customer loses by refund or by additional services. If additional services were provided as compensation, customers can not ask for a refund.

Unlimited-Holidays -Customer Service

In accordance with this agreement and as a result of using the website, you agree that there is no partnership, assignment, joint venture or agency relationship between the customer and Unlimited-Holidays. 

All part of this contract apply to the maximum extent permitted by law. There may be a court decision stating that we can not implement a part of this contract as written. In such a case, you and we will replace that section with the provisions closest to the purpose of the section that we can not apply. The rest of the contract remains unchanged. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us regarding the use of this service. This contract replace any previous contract or statement  regarding the use of the service. If you have confidentiality obligations regarding the service, these obligations remains. The section titles in this agreement do not limit the other provisions of this agreement.

Reservation Cancellation and Cahnges

Our reservation rules are deemed to have been accepted in all kinds of transactions made on the page of All cancellations and changes are made within the framework of the service contract accepted at the time of reservation of our users and included in the contract.

Unlimited-Holidays must be contacted at every stage of all services received on the website Therefore, requests for cancellations or changes must be notified to us in writing by the person who made the reservation. In this case, cancellation and changes fees are charged to the customer in line with the rules. These fees increase as you approach the start date of the holiday, in some cases up to 100 %. Altough the cancellation and change fees vary according to the rules of the institutions ( facilities, hotels, villas ..etc.) , the customer is also obliged to pay an additional fee to Unlimited-Holidays. In the return of payments made by  debit or credit card, a fee of up to 2.9% of the total payment may be charged. These fees are notified  to the customers in response to the written message sent to us. Cancellation and change conditions may vary according to each hotel and villa.

Data Securtiy

The encryption Technologies accepted as industry standarda re used for the transfer and receipt of customer information, realized through our Our website has reasonable security measures that protect the information we receive from you against the risk of loss, misuse or alteration. This measures are improving day y day.

Passport and Visa Procedures

Customers are required to have their passports and identiy cards with them when they travelling abroad. Unlimited-Holidays does not have any responsibility in the event that exit is prevented due to any lack of transaction or personal reasons ( tax debt..etc) arising from the customer’s own passport, and the customer is obliged to bear the consequences of the cancellation and delay that may occur due to this reason.


Unlimited-Holidays does not provide Travel insurance to its customers. Regardless of the source and reasons, Unlimited-Holidays can not be held responsible for any malfunctions, accidents, losses, and damage, additional costs and liabilities that may occur in transportation vehicle, Travel destinations and accommodation facilities independently and/or with transportationand accommodation organizations. Therefore, customers should purchase by themself optional personal accident insurance, Travel insurance, Travel assurance systmes for death and permanent disability arising from accidents that may occur during their holdays. Unlimited-Holidays advises its customers to take out Travel insurance before making their Reservations against any accidents and health problems that may occur during their Holidays.

Unlimited-Holidays can not be held responsible for baggage damage that may occur as a result of the negligence or intetn of the carriers and/or third parties during the travels of the customers.

Destiantions and Medical Advice

Altough most international trips are completed withour any problems, some destinations have a slightly higher risk than the others. Unlimited-Holidays advises its customers to check the prohibitions, warnings and announcements published by their Country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or consult their doctors before travelling.