Distance Sales Contract

In accordance with the “ Regulation on Application Producers and Principles of Distance Contracts” published in the official newspaper dates 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, it was imposed that contracts were mad efor online sales.

Contracutal Clauses

  1. Parties
  • Sade taşımacılık Sanayi Turizm Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ. will hereinafter be referred to as “ Agency”.
  • The person whose name and surname is specified in the reservation and/or the person they represent will hereinafter referred to as “Consumer”.


  1. Subject
  • This contract has been made between the Agency and Consumer.
  • As required by the services sold by the Ahency with the following sales qualifications and condition, sales of service in written, visiual, telephone and electronic media are arranged and cover the rights and actions of the parties.
  • It covers the transfer, tour and vehicle allocation service purchased by the Consumer from the website of Agency and the qualifications of the purchased service are specified in the website “ Distance Sales Agreement” and “Terms and Conditions” pages and the service fee in the reservation and confirmation form sent to the e-mail adresse.



  1. Duration of Contract
  • This contract is; It takes effect on the date the reservation is approved by the Agency and if there is no dispute, it automatically ends when the service received by the consumer is finished. In the event of a dispute, this contractual relationship will be valid untill the final settlement of the dispute.


  1. Payment and Billing Details
  • In purchasing services by credit card, consumer is obliged to pay the service fee during the reservation.
  • The prices stated in the service fee include VAT.
  • Making the reservation and payment; it means the acceptance of the provisions specified in the Agency’s website “ Distance Sales Contract” and Terms and Conditions” pages.
  • Complaints and refund requests must be sent to [email protected] within 21 (twenty one) days after the service date.
  • In accordance with the TPL (Tax Procedure Law), the duration of the invoicing for the purchased service 7 days, including the date of purchase, provided that the month is not skipped.
  • The Agency will use the information given in the reservation form in documenting the invoices to be sent to the Consumer.
  • Upon the request of the invoice, it will be sent by courier to the adresse specified by the Consumer on the reservation form.
  • Since the facilities (such as villas, flats, apartments..etc) are not registered businesses, only a commision invoice will be issued. The remaining fee  cannot be billed as the landlord will be paid as rental fee. For this reason VAT is not included. ( Real estate income is declared at the end of each year, and invoices cannot be issued since they are not business. For this reason, there is a statement that VAT is not included. Our Office issues brokerage invoices for all transactions.)
  • For payments made through Iyzico or other online payment systems, the transaction (commision) fee received by these payments is added to the service fee on the payment page of these payment systems and the commision amount belongs to the customer.
  • Similarly, in Iyzico and other online payment systems refunds, the transaction (commision) fee received by these payment systems is deducted from the service fee of these payment systems and the commision amount belongs to the customer.
  • In credit card payments, in the installment payment options chosen by the customer, the term difference determined by the relevant bank or payment systems is added to the service fee and is automatically indicated in the installment payment table.
  • The expenses arising from the cancellation and refund of the credit card payments made to the Bank’s pos system ot to the company providing payment systems service are deducted from the amount to be returned at the cost of the customer.
  • In renturn of payments made by bank transfer, the transaction cost received by the bank is deducted from the service fee, and the transaction cost belongs to the customer.
  • In some vehicles, villas and tours on our website, only a prepayment requirement may occur as a payment option.
  • In pre-paid services specified on the booking page of our website, based on the local time in Turkey, it is a prerequisite of making reservation 72 hours in advance, if a reservation is made, the limitation on time is deemed to have been accepted.
  • In some regions (destinations) on our website, only a prepayment requirement  may occur as a payment option.
  • In bank transfer from abroad, there may be commisions deducted by the sender due to financial agreements between countries or due to commission policy of the sending Bank or corresponted Bank.
  • The commision deductions and responsibility arising from the bank to which the Money will be transferred belong to the sender.


In order to avoid such a situation in payment matters, please obtain confirmation from your bank.


  1. Cancellation and Change
  • When the Consumer request a cancellation up to 72 hours in car rental, 10 weeks in Villa rental, 14 days in Hotel reservations ( unless otherwise in the hotel contract ), the entire service fee paid is returned to the cunsomer.
  • Unlimited-Holidays will charge 25 % for reservation fee for cancellation request for 10 to 8 weeks before accommodation for the villa rental, 30 to 20 days before accomodation for hotel reservation ( unless otherwise in the contract).
  • Unlimited-Holidays will charge 50 % for reservation fee for cancellation request for 8 to 6 weeks before accommodation for the villa rental, 20 to 10 days before accomodation for hotel reservation ( unless otherwise in the contract).
  • Unlimited-Holidays will charge 75 % for reservation fee for cancellation request for 6 to 2 weeks before accommodation for the villa rental, within 10 days before accomodation for hotel reservation ( unless otherwise in the contract).
  • Unlimited-Holidays will charge 100 % for reservation fee for cancellation request for within 2 weeks before accommodation for the villa rental.
  • These conditions do not include campaign services, early booking or discounted Reservations.
  • Cancellation provisions apply to date changes made by the Consumer.
  • The Consumer will comply with the service contract rules regarding the service purchased from the Agency; the Consumer accepts that they will respect the life, property and peace of third parties, otherwise they will not be able to receive the service for justified reasons and they do not have the right to return.
  • If the credit card belonging to the Consumer is used unfairly or unlawfully by unauthorized people after the performance of the service, the Consumer is liable for the service fee and the damages incurred, if the relavent bank or financial institution fails to pay the service fee to the Agency.


  1. General Provisions
  • The Consumer will stay between the above -mentioned dates and if the facility is avaliable except for these dates, he/she can notify Agency for the extensions after making the payment.
  • The Agency is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of the Customer’s acommodation facility.
  • The Customer’s Villa / Hotel check in time is 4:00 pm. The latest time of leaving the Villa / Hotel is 10:00 am. These check-in and check-out times may vary for Hotels.
  • Customers who do not have signature in the contract, but benefit from the service provided by the contract are deemed to have accepted and committed the terms of the contract by reading and signing this contract by the customerthey have assigned to register on their behalf. The Agency reserves the right of recourse to other Consumers for the collection of the excess amount or service fee paid to the customer who has signed the contract.
  • The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods and services within 7 days from the date of receipt or signing the cotract without any legal or criminal liability and withour any justification, and has the right to return the goods and services from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notifications to the Agency.
  • Promotional price products – early reservation – New year’s day Holidays, Semester.. etc. the situation regarding the return of the product purchased in the products such as campaign products does not bind the righst written in the article.
  • According to INS (Identity Notification System), guests are obliged to report the information of additional guests, except for the persons specified in the contract. Guests staying in criminal proceedings arising from not notifiying are responsible.
  • The Agency applies the articles of TURSAB KUTAHYA SCHEDULE in the calculation of the compensation  to be paid in case the guest does not comply partially or completely with the contract.


  1. Execution of the Agreement
  • Enforcement, this contract consists of 7 main articles and will be signed by the parites in 2 coppies, if necessary. Antalya-Kaş court and enforcement officers are authorized for the dispute arising from this contract.
  • I have declared taht i have read and accepted the contract on behalf of myself and/or the names i have stated in the reservation form.
  • This statement ; it is vali deven if someone else is carried out and/or signed the reservation process instead of myself.
  • The customer must first notify the hotel or Villa owner about all their dissatisfaction with the hotel and the villa, and then show the hotel and the villa owners as the opposite party in the case and complaints she will make. No financial, moral compensation ..etc. cannot make their requests through the Agency.
  • The website “Distance Sales Cotract” issued on behalf of the Consumer includes the above holiday ticket (voucher) and the attached registration form (including transformation and payments details) as a whole. Upon the reservation owner declaring that he has read the contract, understood and accepted the terms of the contract and approved the contract with his free will, the contract accepted by the parties together and the contract has been sent to the customer via e-mail. 




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