Villas To Rent In Kalkan Turkey

The corner of paradise left over from the past Kalkan


Kalkan, which has survived from the Lycians, is a small touristic town in Kaş. Although it is not a big place, it is like a magnet that attracts tourists with its unique nature, sparkling waters, and its history. It is really right, that Herodotus describes this place as the closest place to the stars in the world.


Patara beach is considered one of the largest in the world. However, all beaches in Kalkan are beautiful to impress every visitor.


Where to Visit in Kaş-Kalkan?


Although Kaş- Kalkan is famous for its beaches, there are many other historical places worth visiting.




First of all, you should definitely go to Patara beach.

Kaputaş beach, which is extremely calm and gives you the feeling that you are alone in the whole world, is one of the beaches you should go to.


By taking a mud bath in Fırnaz Bay, you can relax and have beautiful skin.


Kalkan public beach is also a clean and beautiful beach that attracts tourists.


Xanthos and Letoon ancient cities


The ancient cities of Xanthos and Letoon, which are considered among the World Heritage by UNESCO, are cities from the ancient Greek period. Especially the monumental tombs that are still present in the ancient city of Xanthos are worth seeing.


Patara Ancient City


It is also accepted that Santa Claus lived in the ancient city of Patara, which was the capital of the Lycian state.


Pirha ancient city


Statues, tombs, and sarcophagi from the past to the present are among the historical artefacts that must be seen. Nowadays its known as Bezirgana village.


Blue Cave (Mavi Mağara)


The blue cave, which you can visit by participating in boat tours, has preserved its naturalness until today.


Güvercinlik Sea Cave (Güvercinlik Mağarası)


You can only enter this cave by swimming. The entrance is too small for boats.


İnbaş Cave (İnbaş Mağarası)


İnbaş cave is also a cave that you can only enter by swimming because of its narrow entrance.


What to Eat in Kalkan?


Of course, it is possible to eat fish and other seafood in Kalkan as it is a seaside town. Apart from that, delicious meat dishes are indispensable for Kalkan cuisine. Delicious appetizers must be also tasted.


Why Should You Rent a Villa in Kalkan?


At this stage, Unlimited Holidays, which offer the best options for those who want to rent a villa in Kalkan, come into play. You will have a hard time choosing among the villas for every taste and need.


The answers to the question of why you should rent a villa in Kalkan are actually very simple. Especially people who spend a whole year in big cities among the crowds want to re-energize with a peaceful holiday. They want to spend a good time in their own private area and get rid of all the tiredness of the year. A villa reserved for you and your loved ones in a unique natural wonder like Kalkan is the ideal choice for such a holiday.


A second reason is the pandemic period we live in. You can have a holiday without being in contact with many people but still enjoying the sun, sea, and nature. This is a comfort that you can realize by renting a villa.


A third reason for renting a villa in Kalkan is newly married couples who want to have a pleasant honeymoon. Comfortable villas offer the perfect holiday opportunity for those who just want to enjoy their honeymoon for two.


Whether you swim in the pool of your villa or into the sea, spacious interiors, magnificent views, and an unimaginable comfort will make you think of a villa worth renting in Kalkan and you will no longer be able to think of any other holiday style.


How are the villa prices in Kalkan?


Villa rental prices in Kalkan can range from 50GBP to around 400 GBP depending on the size and location of the villa.


By visiting the Unlimited holidays' page, reaching your dream holiday villa is as easy as a children's game. We are sure there is a dream villa suitable for your budget and requirements.